Error Code:

Extraneous Frame


Extraneous Frame is when an additional frame, unrelated to the scene, is present on the video track. This frame could be a blended field from archival footage, or an editing timeline mistake. Extraneous Frames impact the technical and content quality of an asset. If unrelated content is present within a scene, it can cause viewer confusion and negatively affect the customer experience. At times, extraneous frames are creatively intended, or they are inherent to archival source footage. Any derivatives of the asset will also contain extraneous frame(s). 

Severity Structure:


There are contextual clues before or after the frame that indicate it is creative intent. 

Needs Review

The frame is part of a previous shot, or could be inherent to archival footage.

Needs Fix

There is a flash frame that doesn’t fit the scene context and it's clear it was not creatively intended.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, remove the extraneous frame and replace it with the correct, intended frame.  

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