Error Code:

Extraneous Music


Extraneous Music is an additional song or ambient music that is disruptive and does not contextually support the scene. Extraneous music impacts the content quality of an asset. If extraneous music obscures dialogue, or if the music communicates an emotional tone that is antithetical to the core emotion of the scene, it can negatively affect the customer experience. Extraneous music could possibly be creative intent. Any derivatives of this asset will also contain extraneous music.

Severity Structure:


There is music present underneath character dialogue, but it is non-contextual and doesn't seem to be creative intent. 

Needs Review

There is loud music that does not fit the context of the scene; if there is dialogue, it may be obscured. 

Needs Fix

The music plays over logos (Netflix Ident) or over shots of characters talking; it does not seem to be of creative intent.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, remove and replace the extraneous music with the correct/intended audio.

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