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KNP Tool Overview

The KNP -- or Key Names and Phrases tool -- is a new interface and database to help streamline the process of creating and collecting glossaries and consistency sheets with the intent of using consistent terminology in the localization of subtitles, dubs, UI, trailers, and other marketing materials important for our brand. The KNP tool will bring all terms, their translations, and discussion around these translations, into a single database for all internal and external users. The KNP tool is a repository where we create/store/edit/manage KNP data. It will enable a much smarter and more efficient way of creating, managing, and automating KNPs at Netflix - increasing quality and scalability in localization. Every party involved in the KNP process will see changes in real time.

  • If you have to manually create a KNP, please use the KNP template so that it can be uploaded to the tool later. 
  • For tool support, please send an email to l10n-support@svc.netflix.net with the details of the issue encountered.

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