Error Code:

Image Lag


Image Lag refers to video artifacts from interpolation, improper de-interlacing, or an in-camera effect created by high-speed camera movements, generating motion that stutters or blurs. Image Lag impacts both the technical and content quality of an asset. The customer experience will be negatively affected as motion and characters may appear to be blurry in comparison to other footage in the program. Occasionally, this behavior is the creative intent. Any video derived from the asset will contain image lag(s).

Severity Structure:


The interpolation and blur are occurring due to fast camera motion; the image lag is inherent to the movement of the camera and source footage.

Needs Review

There is converted footage present in the final program. It could potentially be creative intent (e.g. a slowed-down, dramatic shot). 

Needs Fix

Video contains visible scan lines or artifacts due to frame rate conversion. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, footage must have frames restored as best as possible. In more severe examples, footage must be replaced with native frame rates, or convert the video using a high-quality transcoder.

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