Error Code:

Pixel Cluster


Pixel Cluster refers to a grouping of pixel errors within an image. A pixel cluster impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. It may obscure important visual information and negatively impact the customer experience. It is rarely creative intent, and if there are any derivatives of the asset, they will also have the pixel cluster.

Severity Structure:


The pixel cluster is from film source material; it is in the background of the image and/or heavily blurred.

Needs Review

The pixel cluster lands on a character's body; all of the archival source footage contains a smattering of pixel clusters.

Needs Fix

The pixel cluster covers a character's face or flashes sporadically over other focal points in the scene. 


Review and confirm if it is creative intent; otherwise, the footage must be fixed to improve the pixel cluster. Either adjust the footage to minimize the pixel clusters or completely remove them.

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