Error Code:

VFX Shot Number


VFX Shot Number refers to text identification overlaid into the final image. This code can also be used for any kind of overlaid reference text, such as filenames, shot numbers, or timecode burn-ins. VFX Shot Number impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. The customer experience will be negatively affected as plot-pertinent information maybe covered by unintended on-screen elements. This is rarely creative intent. If there are any derivatives created from the asset, it will contain the VFX Shot Number error. 

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

The visible overlay present, but there are contextual clues that point towards it possibly being creative intent.

Needs Fix

There is a visible overlay present on the shot without any contextual clues that it is creative intent. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, the shot must be replaced with a shot that does not have the overlay present. 

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