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Visible Production Crew


Visible Production Crew refers to a technical personnel captured during a recording, where their presence is not creatively intended. The customer experience is negatively impacted by the distracting elements on-screen and removes the suspension of disbelief. A visible production crew is typically not creative intent (except in rare contextual circumstances), and any derivatives of the asset will also include the visible production crew member.

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

There is a possible crew member visible in either the background or in a reflection, however, it doesn’t directly influence the scene.

Needs Fix

A production crew member is very noticeable in the shot  (e.g. working with video equipment) and there is no reasonable explanation for their existence within that scene. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, use minor concealment or image repositioning to move the production crew member out of the visible frame. If more severe, it may require major VFX work to fix the issue. Cover Up/Issues in the middle of the frame may require substantial tracking.

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