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KNP Source Term Creation Guideline 


Principle 1

All relevant information about the same character (first name, last name, AKA) should be stored in the same row (notes field can be utilized for gender) so that people can get everything in a glance, e.g., Anne Shirley (AKA) Anne Shirley-Cuthbert (Anne With An E). People should check for existing entries before adding new ones, and modify existing entries if present. 

Principle 2

There should be a life cycle of a KNP term with a start date and a completion date.

  1. Vendors should deliver a 100% KNP (all entries filled out for the languages they are responsible);
    • Asset delivery date shall be considered the KNP completion date of these languages.
  2. No one shall add new KNP entries after the completion date in order not to dent vendor metrics;
  3. When new seasons arrive, new KNP terms should be added to the same show-level KNP. This resets the progress.

Principle 3

Less is better. The terms must appear in dialogue or on-screen text (excluding the ones that appear in scripts but never made it into the dialogue) with the occurrences greater or equal to 2. Terms must be plot-pertinent.

  1. Person
      • Main characters’ names;
      • Exclude the names of historical figures whose localized names can be found on authentic websites, e.g., George Washington, Donald Trump;
  2. Location
      • Only fictional location, e.g., Neverland;
      • Exclude non-fictional locations with localized names found on authentic websites, US, Russia;
  3. Organization 
      • Only fictional organization/company names, e.g., Avengers;
      • Exclude non-fictional organizations with localized names found on authentic websites, e.g., UN, Apple, Microsoft;
  4. Phrases

Phrases can include fictional item names, catchphrases, or anything important but do not belong to all other categories.

    • Key phrases, e.g., “Sweet Christmas” (Luke Cage); “Awesome!” (Kungfu Panda);
    • Fictional items, e.g., Deck (Star Trek)

When to Add Source Terms and How

  1. For knps initiated by Netflix (with source terms provided)
      • DO NOT add new source terms.
      • Contact Localization QC via Zendesk, should you find that key terms or phrases are missing.
  2. For knps fully initiated by vendor, please add source terms by:
    • Upload scripts/English template (dfxp files)/spreadsheets;
    • Manually create entries. 

Collaboration Scenario

Person 1 adds first name of character in English and target translation;

Person 2 encounters the same character’s last name, he/she modifies the same entry and adds last name in English and the target translation as well;

Person 3 again modifies the same entry and add nick name, following the template: First Name, Last Name, (AKA) Nickname.

It’s acceptable that the translations do not match the source before the completion date (asset delivery date) since the source terms are constantly evolving.


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