Backlot Estimated Delivery Date

It is now possible to provide "Estimated Delivery Dates" through Backlot. This provides all stakeholders visibility into the scheduling of work.

The data is exposed in the "Estimated Delivery Date" column in your dashboard*:

By default the "Estimated Delivery Date" will be set to match the "Due Date", but can be edited by Fulfillment Partners once the processing of material has been scheduled.

To edit the data simply select the Source Requests you wish to update using the tick boxes. Once selected the "Bulk Action" menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the "Edit Estimated Delivery" button:

A "drawer" will appear to the right hand side of the screen:

Here you have the opportunity to edit all source requests in bulk using the Date/Time boxes at the top and clicking "Apply to all" (highlighted in red). Alternatively you can go through and give each Source Request a unique "Estimated Delivery Date" using the Date/Time boxes (highlighted in yellow).

Once you have entered your desired dates click "Save".

* Please note that if you are unable to see this column you may need to enable it within the "Customize Column" drop down menu.

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