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Video Contains VITC (Vertical Interval Timecode)

Video contains VITC (Vertical Interval TimeCode) which shows as white blinking dashes running vertically across the top of the video.


VITC is found on SD (NTSC&PAL) video only. It usually exist outside of the normal viewing area or raster, between lines 12 and 21. The Netflix specification (720x480 NTSC and 720x576 PAL) excludes these lines. Larger raster sizes (720x512 or 720x608) will include VITC (if present), and must therefore be cropped out.

Most transcoders have global (system wide) settings that dictate how 720x512 and 720x608 content is handled. If set correctly you should be able to transcode a source (with VITC) and generate a file (without VITC) without having to apply any special filters to your output profile. If you are unable to find these settings please contact the manufacturer of your software and ask for guidance.

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