Error Code:

Blended Frames


Progressive frames that display 2 overlapping images from the combination of different fields or frames. Also known as "Ghosting" or "Interpolation".


This issue is often caused by a poor deinterlace where fields have simply been blended together to form a progressive image, or it is the by-product of a framerate conversion which means the version of the content you have is not at it's native framerate.

If the issue is due to a poor deinterlace (and you have access to the original interlaced material), re-transcode ensuring a high-quality deinterlacer is used (motion compensated, motion adaptive etc). Avoid any mode listed as "simple", "quick", or "discard fields".

If the issue is due to a frame rate conversion and it is baked into the content then unfortunately it can not be undone. The only solution is to locate an alternate master that is at the content's native framerate. If your source file does not exhibit blended frames then it is possible a framerate conversion has been carried out in error during transcoding. Re-transcode ensuring the input and output framerates match. Avoid performing any framerate conversions on video material at all costs.

If you are unable to source a master at the content’s native framerate, please contact your Netflix representative via Backlot.

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