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Visible stair-step pattern on diagonal lines/objects usually caused by resolution resizing, improper deinterlacing or over-compression.


We always recommend that you avoid re-sizing material where possible and we prohibit the upscaling of video (i.e. SD to HD, HD to 4K).

If there is an inescapable need to perform a slight resize of the content then ensure you are using a good quality re-size filter. Your transcoder should offer a few different re-size filters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

While some filters are better than others it is recommended that you test the material and review the results prior to processing a full piece of content.

There are times when deinterlacing of material is required. When deinterlacing material, review the options offered in your transcoder. Most will include a number of filters or modes for processing content (motion compensated, motion adaptive etc). Again, testing a small piece of the content and reviewing the results prior to processing a full piece is recommended. Always avoid any option listed as "simple" or "discard fields" as these will produce poor results.

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