Backlot Material Status Workflow

If you are a Fulfilment Partner, your Backlot Dashboard contains four buckets for Materials Status.

Material Status Buckets:

  • Not Received: These are the Source Requests that have been assigned to you by a Content Partner and you have not indicated that you have received the necessary material to complete the work. Once a Source Request is assigned to you it will be in this state, as well as the standard “New” and “Open” buckets.
  • Received: These are the Source Requests that you have marked as material received. No further work has been done with the material. If the material needed is only a Netflix proxy video, please update this state when you download the proxy.
  • Accepted: Source Requests for which you have the material and it has been qualified by your initial QC as acceptable to begin work.
  • Rejected: You have deemed the material insufficient to create the Netflix deliverable and need the content owner to supply new material before you can proceed. This will send a message requesting new material, with your comment to the Content Owner.


Updating Source Requests:

You  have the ability to update each Source Request individually or in bulk by selecting the Source Requests and using the Edit button. You can also post a comment in bulk when updating the Materials State. Please note, if multiple requests are selected with different material status, you will not be able to edit the status.


Fulfilment Partner Workflow:

When a Source Request is assigned to you, you will see it reflected in your “New”, “Open”, and “Material Status Not Received” buckets.

Once you receive the material needed to fulfill the request, you will update the Materials Status to “Received.” This does not indicate that the material is workable/useable.

After you deem the material sufficient to move forward with generating your deliverable, you will update the Material Status to “Accepted” and deliver the file once your work is complete. We encourage you to perform basic assessment of the material as soon as you can, in case the material is found to be inoperable and rejected. 

If the material is found to be inoperable, you will need to update the Material Status to “Rejected” and add comments regarding the issues. Rejected material may require the content owner to provide new material, or simply require you to perform complex fixes on the material that was received (ex. converting roll up captions to pop-on). If the material is fixable and you have been given the green light from the content owner (or Netflix if we are commissioning the work) to fix the content, you would then change the state from “Rejected” to “Accepted” and include a comment indicating fixes are required.

Once the file is delivered to Netflix and processed, the Source Request will be removed from the Material Status buckets.

If we create a redelivery request, the Material Status will update (or remain) in Accepted, since we know that you have the material. If you then deem the material is actually rejectable, you will update the material status to “Rejected.” If you no longer have the material, you would then update the Material Status to “Not Received” and comment that you need new material.


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