Backlot Bulk Download Instructions

On Wednesday 24th August, we will launch a new feature within Backlot that will give Partners the ability to bulk download material across different Source Requests and asset types.

Original Functionality:

  • Separate "Download Proxy" button was available above the Source Request table.

  • "Proxy State" column showed if/when a proxy was available or had been updated.

  • "Download" column where watermarked proxies/materials could be downloaded one-at-a-time.

  • Source Request view only showed "Download Proxy"

New Functionality:

  • The "Proxy State" and "Download" columns have been replaced with four new "Asset" columns separated into "Video", "Audio", Timed Text" and "Docs". These can be filtered into "Active", "Not Available" and "Upgraded" using the pulldown menus.

  • "Download Proxy" button has been replaced with a "Download Assets" button that works across all requests and asset types.

  • When downloading assets across multiple Source Requests they are grouped together in the list view.

  • Source Request view now shows all available assets for download for a given Source Request.

  • "Production Locked Proxy" and "Netflix Final Proxy" may be available at the same time. While the "Production Locked Proxy" can be used to start time-critical work, the final deliverable must always be checked for conformance against the "Netflix Final Proxy" prior to delivery.
  • "Production Locked Proxy" will now have an additional watermark that uniquely identifies the Fulfillment Partner the Source Request is assigned to. Note: Content Partners will only see the default "Netflix Final Proxy".
  • A new color scheme is used to allow users to see the state of each "Asset" at a glance:
    • Gray: Not Available
    • Light Blue: Active
    • Dark Blue: Upgraded
  • The assets are currently broken into the following categories:
    • Video: Locked Proxy, Final Proxy
    • Audio: Printmaster, M&E
    • Timed Text: English Template, Subtitle, Closed Caption
    • Docs: Show Guide, M&E Notes, Dialog List
  • Downloaded assets are saved in the location that you specify when initiating the transfer and the assets will be sorted into episode specific folders that use the following naming convention:
    • ShowName_Season_EpisodeTitle
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